The other worlds have been silent so long... The veil is finally opening again...

Lying back against her throne, the queen of winter court listened to the story of the small denizan before her. the veils between them and their old territories had been thickened lately. No one had checked in on their old territories for nearly a thousand years. It was still a short time for the queen, she hadn't been worried yet.

But then again, those mortal lives could go by so fast. who knew what fanciful stories they had made up in their absence? Last time she had looked away for a few centuries, on her return she had half the people trying to claim she was a myth, while the rest worshipped her as some kind of god.

Mortals were strange like that. They would remember some things so easily, but so quickly forget others the moment they disappeared for a few generations. She wished they would forget other things though, like how to word a contract, or to keep carrying iron and salt, but what was remembered and forgotten never had any consistency.

She caught herself drifting into her own thoughts, like a hibernating bear drifting off to sleep in the cold, and puller her attention back to the story. Perhaps the Queen of Summer would have been better for this, she always had energy. But alas, the news had come to her.

That wasn't important right now though. What was important, is that through the veil between worlds had started to open again, and the Queens and their courts would soon once again search and hunt across their territory beyond it. The next step would have to be navigated carefully, but she knew how to be patient and careful. This was time to be as snow flake, carefully drifting down. The first snows made way for the wild blizzards to come.

"Gather the lesser fae," directed the Queen at no one in particular. She knew her words would be followed regardless. "Have them listen at the quiet places. When we are invited, go to them. Make deals with them, and let us begin reminding them who owns this world."

She sat back against her throne once more, and felt a crisp breeze gather around her ankles. Her time for hibernation was over.

Across the worlds, in quiet places, her court listened carefully, waiting for those special words...

"I want to make a deal"