0095. Mech Pilot Shizuka Mamoru - Simon


An upcoming, story heavy, extendable card game

Wartide is an upcoming extendable card game being developed in Melbourne, Australia, with amazing input from artists around the world.
In Wartide, you take control of your faction, build your deck, and fight across the battle field to control territory and defeat your opponents, all in a larger world, where your game will change what happens next.



Wartide takes place in a series of worlds, as the barriers between their worlds begin to collapse, and after a series of events, these worlds go to war. You lead an army of your select faction; A general of the regimented military of Empria, a high priest of the dark and mysterious null, or a captain of industry controlling the high tech forces of Kegawa. From there, you lead your army into the rifts between the worlds, fighting for control of the territory, to protect your homeland, and establish dominance across the multiverse!



Selecting your faction isn't just picking a random colour from a line up and going with it (but if that's how you want to choose, all power to you, we aren't your boss). Each faction brings with it it's own history, beliefs, and characters. Playing as your faction in organised play, at your local game store, or at official tournaments, will help to shape the story line of Wartide. Win a local tournament with your favourite hero, next set might have an even more powerful version of them included! Get all the players of your faction to the local game store and have them the most popular faction, then maybe they will muster a bigger army going forward, or perhaps there will be some more slots for your faction at the next major tournament in your area. In Wartide, the players write the story with their games. We are just here to help facilitate those stories going forward. So have a read of the faction stories below, think through who you want to support, and then head down to your local game store, pick up a faction deck, and get playing!



Empira are a proud and powerful nation. Its battles against its rivals have been eternal, the earliest fought with sword and arrow and the latest with lead and steel; but everything changed with the opening of the rifts and the arrival of two new foes beyond anything they had ever known or fought. Empira uses technologies similar to those of our own world during the Second World War, with a focus on combined arms tactics and the support of versatile infantry, specialised weapon crews, and heavy-hitting tanks to dominate their opponents. Leading the forces of Empira will help you become the undisputed ruler of the battlefield.

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The Null was once a very different people. Their great god created them, and guided them each step of their lives, guiding them, teaching them, directing each of them in every step of their lives. But his people lacked gratitude, asking to make their own choices. This wasn't why their god created them! In a rage at such disloyalty, their god destroyed many of them, slowly going mad trying to root out the heresy.  Following the Null will give you powers beyond belief, and the wisdom (and madness) of a god.



Kegawa haven't had a war in centuries. Once the corporations took over the role of governance, such gross loss of production and destruction of property became unseemly.But, the populace still needed something to serve their baser instincts. Mech battles were started, televised for the entertainment of the masses. When the rifts opened, the board of directors suddenly realised they had the potential highest grossing battles ever on their hands, and dispatched their prized show fighters into the fray, televised of course. Choosing Kegawa gives you the chance to show off your individuality and reputation, with the value of tech and innovation.



0059. Calling of the Great One - Lady Kr


0087. Mech Wolf Chassi - Dominic Barrios


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0075. Inspiration of the Martyr - Simon


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