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An Empire of War

The nation of Empira has long been used to war. For generations it has fought against its foes, with intense episodes of all-out conflict interspersed with periods of quiet, steady preparation for the next. At the start of the story of Wartide the fronts have been silent for months, but reports of strange sightings and mysterious transmissions have been trickling in, and rumours from headquarters suggest that something new may soon take to the field...
The forces of Empira are supported by a militarised industrial complex with a steady supply of munitions, weapons, tanks, and thousands of men to fuel the war machine. Despite lacking the awesome powers of the Null, or the peculiar technology of Kegawa, Empira can still hold their own with their strong knowledge of tactics built up from decades of fighting, and the backing of an entire nation geared for waging war. Whether supporting their existing defences or striking out beyond , the people of Empira are prepared to strive in the factories and the frontlines to achieve victory, no matter the cost.

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