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0137. Defiance - Simon Newport WIP 6.jpg

Wartide Story

The Colapsing Multiverse

The worlds stack together infinitely. Between each one, a thin barrier holding the worlds together, yet keeping them separate. But then, the barriers tear.

Between the Empira, Kegawa, and Null, each played their part in the great rift that tore through the multiverse.

First, The Great One of the Null, in His desire to eradicate all of the heretics that defied Him, destroyed more and more of His plain of reality. As He did, he weakened the edges of his realm.

Kegawa's warp technology had been punching tiny holes in the strange barrier that separated one universe from the next. They would tear a hole it the barrier of the world, skate along the barrier, then rip another one again to come back through, appearing instantaneously at their destination. Sometimes, things would get lost outside though, and never arrive at their warp destination.

This would have sustained though. Right up until Empira's new radio technology sent sound waves outside of their universe to avoid them being intercepted. And the frequency of the receiver just happened to be the same as one of Kegawa's mechs lost in the warp. The moment it saw a homing beacon, it skated across. And when it entered an entirely wrong universe, the weakened barriers behind it tore open to let it through.

Which leads us to today. Read on the below stories to find out what happens next.

The Rifts Open

These stories lay out the first days of the rift opening and the battle beginning. The contents of these stories were influenced by the launch even of Wartide at PAX Aus 2023. Join your local organised play to influence future stories and decide what will happen next.

0021. Cpt. Jane Bradley - Elena Ferroli.

First Rifts

Captain Jane Bradley, before the realities was torn apart. How it all began for Empira.

0095. Mech Pilot Shizuka Mamoru - Simon Newport.png

Enter Shizuka

Shizuka looks across at the sky torn apart, and learns of her next performance.

0062. Priestess of the Void - Nebula Robo.png

Meditations on the Void

The Priestess of the Void follows the power of her God to find all new heretics in need of purging.

0028. Captain Bradley's Shot.jpg

The First Day - Empira

The rifts open, and Captain Jane faces the horrors of the Null in combat. Empira must learn harsh lessons on what this new war will bring with it.

0062. Priestess of the Void - Nebula Robo.png

The First Day - Null

The rifts open, and the Priestess of the Void has her first experience facing non believers, as Kegawa show their strength of industry against the Null's Faith

0095. Mech Pilot Shizuka Mamoru - Simon Newport.png

The First Day - Kegawa

Shizuka learns that not everyone fights for a crowd as she faces down the Empiran war machine.


The Second Day - Null

The Priestess of the Void faces off against Captain Jane, in a battle to consecrate new lands in His glory.

0095. Mech Pilot Shizuka Mamoru - Simon Newport.png

The Second Day - Kegawa

Shizuka shares the spotlight as she fights to survive against the tendrils of the Null.

0113. Single Use Warp Drive - Dominic Barrios.jpg
0028. Captain Bradley's Shot.jpg

The Second Day - Empira

Captain Jane attempts to rescue a tank squad cut off from the main Empiran battle line.

More stories to come!

These first stories were decided by the games played at PAX Aus 2023. Come join at future events, or participate in your local organised play to participate in the Wartide story, and support your faction!

Other Stories

Other stories giving some background of various groups and characters in the Wartide universe

0060. The High Priest - Danyon Street.jpg

Musings Of the High Priest

The High Priest reflects on his long life, the way things once were, and all that has happened since.

0118. Lost Warp - Simon Newport WIP 7.png

Lost in the Dark

Tora Umi's warp goes horribly wrong, before the worlds are torn apart.

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