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For Fortune and Fame

Kegawa is a corporate government, ruled by a board of directors from the most successful subsidiary companies under it. Each citizen of the civilisation works hard each day to make profit and rise through the ranks of the company.
Kegawa long ago put away their need for war. War destroyed property, slowed production, was terrible for profit, and therefore had to be put away when the Kegawa Corp. took over from the previous failed government. Excessive battles over ideologies had torn the world apart and would no longer be tolerated, disputes would be settled in board rooms and stock markets, not battlefields. But violence was found to have a different use in this new world.
The population needed an outlet from the pressure of corporate life, and it was found in combat sports. Watching the fighting mechs battle it out for their approval was just the release that they needed. The desire for fame, glory and fortune bought many pilots to the stage, and of course weapons were always depowered for maximum lights and sound with minimal damage. After all, destroying a mech or killing a pilot was expensive, terrible for profit.
When the rifts first opened, these mechs were all that Kegawa had available to enter the fray, and they did so. Still televised back to the civilians at home for their entertainment, it became the greatest form of combat sport to date, and the population called for more.

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