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Belief in The Great One, above all else

The people of the Null live their entire lives, from their birth to their death, in service to The Great One. From the moment of their birth, until the moment they die, no member of the Null is ever alone. The voice of their god speaks to them, guides them, every one of them expected to live in His honour. 
But amongst them, they must always be watchful for any signs of heresy. Ever since the great schism, when the traitors had requested use of their own free will, the great god's faith in his people has been shattered. Every day, the voice of their god searches through his people, looking for any signs of heresy and ready to destroy any in which it has taken root. When the rift opened, the minds of countless beings not loyal to The Great One appeared, mind's He couldn't even speak to. This was not tolerable. The Null would go to war.

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