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0095. Mech Pilot Shizuka Mamoru - Simon Newport.png

The Second Day - Kegawa

The vents on Gecko Fang’s side hissed, releasing the excess heat that was building up. Shizuka scanned back and forth for prime targets as she waited for the heat warning to shut off. She didn’t usually have to worry about that, but this battle had been raging so much longer than even a grand tournament. Another light displayed on her HUD showing one of her additional weapons had finished reloading so she launched off another volley of rockets at a clump of tentacles that was surrounding a distant mech chassis.

When the smoke cleared, the mech chassis was in the clear again, firing its auto-cannon at a group of robed figures. She hoped they had got a decent recording of her dramatic rescue. Then again, with the amount of chaos happening all around, who knew what would be airing back at home.

Her railgun cooling was now complete. She lined up a great hulking tentacle in her sights. It was coated in spiked plates, and was far bigger than the others, slowly roiling across towards them. She fired off a slug at it, and cursed under her breath as she watched it bounce off the brute without seeming to phase it.

Shizuka cursed under her breath, but she had faced worse situations than this before. She diverted power to the laz rifle now slung under Gecko Fang’s chest, blasting the abomination. This time her shot hit its mark, leaving a great hole in the side of the tendril. Even without eyes, she could feel it looking at her as she caught its attention. It attempted to adjust its movement to advance towards her directly, but it was far too slow to pose a real threat to Shizuka. She had one more trick ready for it too.

Not the most powerful weapon in her arsenal, but a warp cannon was a personal favourite. She felt it whir to life and locked on to the tendril, watching the blue beam arc across at it. As it hit, she watched the tendril disappear from existence, captured into the beam of energy. The beam continued on, before a flash of light returned the tendril, but now pushed back across the battlefield. It looked rough, but it still wasn’t enough. The tendril’s armour plating began to reform as it prepared to take its revenge on Shizuka, and she had no more weapons left to fire.
She felt a wave of frustration as she analysed her position. She was sure that would have done it, it was so close, but it seemed she couldn’t finish it off. Growling in frustration, . she flicked her comms to the local channel. No reason for everyone to hear this.

“Pilot, this one is yours. Hit the big one with whatever you have, it should be in range after that warp cannon.”
“Y-yes ma’am!” she heard in reply from the star-struck. It appeared her rescue really had come in handy, and not just for the great footage  she knew they  had gotten of it. The smaller mech raised its basic cannon and fired into the side of the tendril, hitting soft underbelly before the armour could reform there. As the tendril collapsed, there was a mysterious feeling of hatred that washed over the battlefield. Shizuka smirked. It could hate her all it liked. It takes more than hatred to stop her rockets.

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