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0062. Priestess of the Void - Nebula Robo.png

The Second Day - Null

The Priestess of the Void looked out over the destruction ahead of her. The glory of her God was evident everywhere she looked. While these heretics lobbed little metallic shards at them, or set off petty explosions, they could not compare to the sheer majesty of staring into the voids in space that her God tore away. She stared into the pockets torn into the battlefield ahead of her. They were more beautiful than anything this godless world had. No doubt many would flock to become faithful servants of the Great One at seeing such an awe inspiring sight.

She was more faithful than most though. Her appreciation for her God’s power was all that mattered to her. She longed to be a part of it, to walk forward into that destruction and become one with the nothingness of her God. Each day as she meditated and prayed to the Null, she hoped this would be the day he would take her, that she would watch the world around her disappear and feel herself disappear with it. She would willingly give all she was to the void, to be a part of her great God’s power.

Though He had offered her many boons for her virtuous life, this was not yet one of them. When He deemed her worthy of a response to her prayers, it was always “Not today”. Though she could call forth his ultimate destruction and grant that gift to others, she could not yet receive it herself. Her destiny was clearly not yet complete. She would complete His plan for her though, and she knew that then, He would deem her worthy of her desired oblivion.

She hoped that today had helped her earn a little more of her God’s favour. She had called forth his destruction again and again, bringing forth His greatness. They had fallen before her and she had pushed forward. With each step she claimed more land to be consecrated in His name, moving as though a pilgrim marching towards a holy relic.

She thought back to earlier in the day. She had been in a state of religious fervour. Enemies falling left and right to the power her God channelled through her. But the path ahead remained open to her, and she marched onwards. She had destroyed great hulking iron beasts, and enemies wielding strange metal staffs that burst forth with heretical power. But then, ahead of her, she had seen a woman commanding a force. In the face of her God’s destruction, this commander was pulling her men back to a temporary safety. Her purple hair blowing in the wind whipped up from explosions. Their eyes had locked. The Priestess had felt a flutter in her chest unlike anything she had felt in years. Fear? Surely not. She watched the purple haired woman raise a small metal object towards her, heard a bang, and felt something whip past her ear. She turned to see what it was, but saw nothing. When she turned back, the woman was gone. The Priestess longed to face her again to triumph over her. But until then, she prayed that her God would be satisfied with the dirt below her feet and the enemies she had sent to him as offerings.

It had been a good day.

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